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There's a lot of people out there who want to see you get more instagram followers. they want you to have the perfect brand, the perfect copy and the perfect website.

But when you're starting a business, you actually only need ONE thing: sales. 

'Sales' can be a scary word full of ick- visions of late night infomercials come to mind. let's fix that, because friend, it's time you started to make buckets of cash doing something you love.

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People ask me how i got into horses and the truth is, i had no choice.

My parents had to go and peel me out of several horse pastures before i was even in kindergarten. they were horrified, i was smitten.

I joined girl scouts because the brochure had a girl riding a horse in it. after a year of waiting anxiously, i arrived at camp only to discover what stock photos were. i quit the next day.

Fun fact: i took this photo :)

the favs


i'm hopelessly in love with this gigantic country with everything from canyons to great white sharks. 

i'm moving there this december for three months, and yes, effectively skipping winter.

the favs

south africa

Duh. As long as it's gluten free. 

Like many of you, i'm trying hard to kick my sweet tooth. so far my favorite substitutes are apples, tea with stevia and banana nut bread.

Okay, the last one is kind of fake, it's still pretty sugary- but at least it's bananas?

the favs

anything sweet, ever.

I mean, come on, this is pretty much a given, right?

I've always had a soft spot for Waco. it's where i won my first (and only) recognized equestrian championship and close to my undergrad college. I'm happy to see the show take Waco in a new direction, with a renewed sense of community and fun.

It's definitely one of my must-visit destinations this year, which is hilarious since i used to be there at least 3x a month! 

the favs

fixer upper

my why

the heart behind 

what i do

Everything good starts from scratch. cookies. gardens. even us, as babies. to date the internet (which is never wrong) has confirmed that no adults have ever been born without first dealing with the bumps and bruises of childhood and adolescence first.

So many of us feel the pull to have everything perfect, all the time. but no one put this pressure on us when we were in kindergarten-- there's no 'national championship of noodle necklaces' and biting is still not an olympic sport (#fightforbites if you want to help me in this cause). 

Why do we expect so much so soon from our businesses after birthing them? getting upset with ourselves because our brand spankin' new website is having problems is like yelling at a toddler because they can't read yet. it doesn't make sense, but somehow, we've rationalized this behavior in our mind.

As an attorney serving creatives, it became apparent to me that not only did you, my clients, friends, customers and drinking buddies, need a stepping stone for all things legal, you also needed someone to hold your hand through sales. 

Fortunately, through my experience in regularly selling high end business consulting ($7k+/client) and legal services ($3k+/client), i've learned a thing or two about sales.

let's kill the crickets.

• sales doesn't have to be salesy

• you don't need complicated funnels, segments and lists

• selling is just a skill, like photography or wedding planning

So what's it going to be- cookies from scratch, that everyone loves and raves about? or will you just let those babies sit on your counter until they're stale and no one wants them.

• you're already selling, but probably not well

• no sales plan is a sales plan

• revenue is not the same thing as profit

• there's a lot of noise out there, and it's easy to get distracted by the next new shiny object

• you have a service or product people want; you're hurting them by not selling to them well

here's the bad news:

here's the good news:

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