How to Get Instant Sales From Your Newsletter


Remember those early days in your business when you eagerly responded to every incoming email because you were so flippin’ happy that somebody was even emailing you? When you anxiously sent a message to your friends + family telling them all about your newly launched business and how you’d really, really love if they could send some referrals your way?

As we grow as business owners, we often get further and further away from this one-on-one approach to marketing. We get consumed by the perception that more is more. That we don’t have enough email subscribers, enough revenue, or enough courses and offerings to hit the goals we’ve set for ourselves.  

After I published a recent blog post, I heard it all! From, “that’s too simple!” to “there’s no way that works” and then there was the, “yeah, that’s easy for you to say, but what if your list is only 50 people long?” (Lost? Click here to see where I talked about how personal emails are so much better than a webinar for increasing your sales. If you haven’t read it yet… right click it open in a new browser tab and keep reading.)

You probably don’t need to be told that investing your selling energy into the people who already know and trust you is going to save you time + money. We’re simply taking that concept one step beyond MailChimp, ConvertKit, Emma, etc. and reconnecting to the heart we had in our early business days by sending a more personal message from our own email account.


Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re thinking about launching a course called “How to create your own blog graphics with InDesign”. Instead of spending hours putting together a webinar presentation and sending five newsletters to your list to promote it… you could send one newsletter with some free advice about why it’s important to have great imagery on your blog. Give a behind-the-scenes look into your system and include a few links to relevant articles (ideally on your own website), but don’t mention your course idea.

A few days later, you can login to your email newsletter manager to get a good look at how that campaign performed. You should be able to export a list of highly engaged fans who clicked on your links. (Yes, it may feel a little icky and invasive, but it’s valuable marketing data for you!) Take this list and email all the people who you feel would greatly benefit from your course! You’re not selling it to them, you’re just telling them it exists.

Start typing an email as if you’re talking to a friend: “Hey Christina, I remember when I started seriously thinking about growing my business, but I felt like I had outgrown my website and needed to make some changes to justify my recent price increase, but I didn’t have the money for a complete rebrand.

Lately, I find myself coming back to this time in my business and wanting to help others who are there right now with some tips and tricks on elevating their brand by creating their own brand graphics… [insert more details about the course here]. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?”

Here’s a few talking points to help you draft your email:

1. Anticipate what their questions may be (about the topic, the timeframe, the course, the price, etc.).

2. Talk about the struggle they’re having that your course could solve.

3. Invite them to respond with feedback.

4. Be your weird self. Add some ridiculousness to your email. I recently included a link to a Blue Man Group video in one of mine.

Lastly, send that email to everyone on your shortlist and wait for their feedback. No webinar, no salesy newsletters… just a simple, to-the-point invitation to be part of your next project. It’s a great way to validate a new product or service idea before spending time creating something that your audience doesn’t even want. Bonus: if your idea fails miserably, the world has no clue! Or, it’s a great success and something you can scale up and launch on the larger level.

Maybe it’s not time to scrap your marketing agenda entirely, but maybe it’s time to branch outside of the “traditional” approach and try something new?

Leave a comment if you plan to try this (and share your results!)

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