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I know there’s a lot of secret attorneys out there in my audience because every once in awhile you pop your heads into my inbox, and we’re able to have a great chat, so this post is especially for you:


Over the past year, I’ve increasingly received more and more inquiries asking me how to set up a boutique law firm, how to work with clients, and how to do various things serving creatives, bloggers, etc.


If you’ve recently found me, here’s my five second history:


In Fall 2015, I opened my doors by giving out free legal information + selling contract templates on Since then, I’ve moved all this content over to TheContract.Shop and switched the focus of my main site to helping creatives book themselves solid + move out of that “hey, I made a sale!” stage to actual profit.


Part of the reason I’ve stopped promoting my legal services is because I am so booked out that I do not need any more legal clients at this time (clients if you’re reading this you should feel special — I am SUPER picky!)


Enter my passion project, Ruckus Legal, born out of all the questions I was getting surrounding my legal practice. Ruckus Legal seeks to answer all of these questions. It’s a resource for attorneys who are curious about starting their own firm, helping creative entrepreneurs, and/or getting information about marketing themselves online.


I’m not going to be making a lot of noise about this on social media, and you’ll probably never see it mentioned again on this blog, but I did want to give you all a chance to jump over to Ruckus and see what it’s all about once it goes live. In the meantime, I’ve created this free profit plan for you attorneys out there.


I have one huge ask — will you please share this resource with your communities and anyone you feel would benefit from Ruckus?


Here’s why I need your help:


In 2013, my best friend from law school was one of the first in our class to start his own law firm. I graduated from a top 20 law school, so it’s pretty uncommon for anyone from these kinds of schools to start their own firms, they usually get recruited to big name firms. Nevertheless, he did, and as you can imagine it was a huge uphill struggle.


Maybe you can relate to the feeling of being right on the edge of a business that just works.   You can feel how close you are to success — you have clients, you are seen in your industry, you have a couple of inquiries coming in, but you can’t seem to move from revenue to profit. From what my friend told me four days before he died, that’s right where he was at.


He had regular clients, some who had grown into close friends. He was doing work he loved, even if it wasn’t paying him as much as he wanted yet. He was *this* close to having the success he wanted, but it was a stressful place, and he turned to less than ideal means to relieve the stress. Sadly, this is actually very common among lawyers in their first 10 years of practice.


So yes, Ruckus was born out of my selfish desire to talk about marketing and funnels and Instagram — all things I understand well as a creative first and a lawyer second. But Ruckus also has a deeper purpose to help attorneys find a career and lifestyle they love, because I have, and because I hope others can enjoy the same kind of success instead of teetering on the edge of losing their life at 27.


I can’t do this without you. Can you please send this to an attorney or aspiring attorney who may enjoy it?


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