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1. Even though you feel like you know what to do, you still aren't profitable. you can't seem to figure out why, and your solution is to work longer hours (unfortunately this is quickly leading to burnout).

2. In the process, we also make sure you are not spending excessively. it's easy to get wrapped up in all the promises on the internet. rather than looking at everything as an 'investment,' we'll look at each expense and assess each purchase for what it really is.

3. Finally, when we have cleaned up your sales process, we'll look at ways to automate, delegate and batch it so you can spend more time with your littles, grabbing drinks with friends, or let's face it... working only on the parts of your business you're obsessed with. easier said than done for sure, but definitely possible ;)

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sales makeover sessions

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Kirstie Jones / KMP Learn / Photographer

"You want Christina on your team... [From] delivering the best emails to my inbox, to holding my hand when crisis struck my business, I am forever grateful for Christina and her talent, knowledge, professionalism, and heart. She cares. She goes so far above and beyond. She is the most valuable asset."

Laura Barnes / Photographer 

"Christina is wonderful to work with and learn from. I'm a creative and visual minded person, and she explains confusing legal aspects of business so that I can understand them. She is very informative and greatly cares my business and success - working with her is always a pleasure. Thank you, Christina!


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