Creatives 'gon create! If you've ever complained that you love what you do but HATE the business side of things, you're in the right spot. The mission here at The Contract Shop is to help creatives fulfill their life's work by setting them up to have beautiful businesses from the inside out.

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1. To provide valuable, easy-to-grasp legal information for free.

2. To provide solutions for every budget to help ALL creative ladies, no matter what season of business you're in.

3. To always approach your concerns from a place of understanding and love as a creative myself.

...I had a legal job at a corporation

....dressed like a man (aka normal attorney garb)

... believed the lie that I wasn't creative

As you've figured out by now, I'm not your normal lawyer. I was a quirky girl in law school, and well, once a quirk, always a quirk.

At my old job, I was in charge of such awful things as drafting cease and desist letters to moms selling things on Etsy (I may or may not have handwritten them anonymous notes afterwards apologizing for my company's existence), registering trademarks and researching ways around patent infringement, among other typical things like writing licensing agreements, model releases, mep, mep, mep.

As is common nowadays, I finally did the Big Bold and quit to start my own company. I had no idea what I was going to do or where to start, so I did the smartest (read: dumbest) thing possible and went out and started a private yoga teaching service, and because I didn't know about website templates (ya know, the $60 site-in-a-box thingies) I hired the biggest, baddest designer I could find (cost: more than $60!). 'Cause that's what you do, right?...

Now that I had this awesome new website everyone would magically show up in droves. Except no one did, and I was feeling incredibly uninspired and hopeless. That's when I started playing with the blog my developer had thrown on there at the last second. Carte Blanche as a blog was born and boy was it awful (but really fun!).

Through the CB blog, I learned how to design graphics, market online, take great photos, write well and if you're reading this, I even learned how to make my own website! The best part about becoming a creative myself was that I got to meet tons of other creatives virtually and at various conferences or workshops. I couldn't help but notice that at every gathering, eventually someone piped up about a legal problem and woefully resolved to hate expensive, out-of-touch lawyers (ain't never gonna see me in a suit!). Usually a few more people chimed in with their woeful legal dramas. I'd sit back, scared to say anything. But eventually, as the woes piled up, I'd end up outing myself as an attorney and proceed to help these awesome ladies. I'm not a calligraphy, design or wedding planning expert, but I am a legal lady. It felt SO good to share what I knew with these wonderful women and watch as their fears were removed and their businesses grew. I knew I couldn't be an armchair lawyer anymore, I had to get up and get out there. I found my calling.

Enough about me. This is about YOU and YOUR wildly beautiful creative business! I'd love to snuggle your face (is that weird?!) or at least hear from you- click here to tell me what legal and business issues you're struggling with.

 Photo by Shelby Rae Photographs

Photo by Shelby Rae Photographs

 Photo by Marjorie prvl

Photo by Marjorie prvl