What Kind of Contract Does My Business Need?

What Kind of Contract Does My Business Need? // Follow these tips from creative attorney and legalize your business today!

When it comes to my clients, friends and family, I am really good at keeping secrets (obviously- it’s kinda my JOB, duh!) But when it comes to me, I am the WORST. My guy always tells me I am the worst liar. To be fair, I mostly lie about what I ate that day. And where his what happened to his clothes (I donated the gross ones, okay?!)

So I’m about to spill the beans on one of my favorite secrets… the contract template sale is back, but not just yet. It’s kicking off in a few days. To celebrate, I thought I’d answer one of my most popular questions- “which contract template is right for me?”

If you’re a wedding photographer, there’s an obvious choice… the wedding photography contract template is clearly a winner. But, if you don’t find what you’re looking for immediately, which contract template should you choose?


“You don’t have anything that fits me, but I know I need a contract. What do I do?”

If you don’t see anything that fits your niche or industry, hands down the independent contractor agreement is what you’ll need. Bonus- you can adapt it to fit your business (where you’re coming in as the person providing services) but you can also use it when you end up hiring team members to make sure you’re protecting your business. Winner winner chicken dinner. If you still have doubts, that’s what I’m here for, click here to email me.


“I’m starting a new business with a partner! We don’t know if it’s A Thing yet though…”

The JV/Collaboration contract template is right up your alley. You two will gain not only a solid contract to start off on the right foot, you will also get a roadmap for your new business venture together.


“Okay, it’s definitely A Thing Christina…”

Congrats! You’ve progressed passed the partnership agreement and could benefit from the Operating Agreement Template. If you have any doubts as to whether you’ll need the JV or Operating template, the operating agreement is definitely the safer bet. Like a giant handbag, it’s something you may not need yet but you can grow into it. This is the best template for setting out your clear expectations from both sides, right from the start.


“I shoot so many different things but can’t afford all the photography templates you offer- which one should I pick?”

If you’re a photographer and shoot more than just portrait sessions or weddings, but don’t know which one to choose, I’d personally go with the wedding photography contract template. Yes, you’ll need to delete some things (your seniors probably don’t care to provide you with any hot meals), but it’s got all that and then some in it. It’s safer for you to delete provisions that don’t make sense to your business than to try to add new ones on your own.

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 What kind of contract does your business need?