Contract Template FAQ

How long are your contracts?

I have to be honest, this one drives me a little nuts. We primp and we preen to look bigger and badder than we actually are on just about every online platform in an effort to attract clients and customers- Instagram, our own website, even when we're talking about our business in Facebook groups! But when it comes to our contracts, there's nothing that peels back the facade faster than some puny prose. Like Jodi Bos, a former ultra-luxury wedding planner said at a recent event, a good contract will just get longer and longer as you work with more clients. 

My contract templates are about 5-9 pages long, depending on the template, if you absolutely must know. But I know page length isn't what you're actually scared about. You're actually scared you'll lose the client, because he/she/they won't want to read through all that, so they'll just ditch you. And it's true-- purchasers do tend to lose those awful clients (you know-- the ones who expect texts to be returned at 10pm on a Saturday night)-- because those good clients you dream about? They're the ones who are EXCITED to have a document that respects their interests and their investment in YOU. And they are the ones who won't care about page length. 

I live in a different state/country than The Contract Shop, can I use its templates?

Yes, absolutely. While laws vary across states and countries, my templates are created to define the relationship between you as the service provider/course creator and your client/customer as the purchaser. Local laws change the way we buy homes, finance businesses or get married. 

Local laws don't have much, if anything, to say about businesses they cannot keep up with. Of course getting your contract reviewed by an attorney is the best idea (and shouldn't cost very much since I've done all the heavy lifting for you), but let's be real-- if you're buying a $213 contract template, hourly fees are probably out of your price range (I feel ya!!) If that's the case, don't worry, because there's a clause in each template that gives you an "out" if one little thing doesn't fly in your area (while leaving all the other good bits intact). 

Why should I trust you, random internet stranger named Christina?

This is an excellent question-- and one we should be asking anyone we consider purchasing from! Kurt Elster (The Unofficial Shopify Podcast) says buying products on the internet is like driving to a random parking lot and buying things out of the trunk of a car. You never know what you're actually getting with these "gotcha" policies of many online business owners. I myself have been let down multiple times, and it did NOT feel good. That's why customer satisfaction is my highest concern in running The Contract Shop.

In the history of the Shop, we've had over 625 orders and only three people have requested refunds-- one person was attempting credit card fraud, one person accidentally bought two of the same template and one person decided to go with a different template. Indeed, people have said such things as: 

"I have already purchased [one of your other] contract[s] and I love how thorough it is." -Kiah Smith

"I bought (and LOVE) your template a few months ago and since then I've also taken on some portrait clients." -Rachel, Photographer

(Warning: I'm going to sound like a tool for a sec but I swear it will make sense at the end) I'm not shy about the fact that I'm a little overqualified to be doing what I do. In the past year, I've had job offers at two separate Fortune 100 companies. Without asking. I landed in Atlanta, Georgia after attending a top 20 law school here. The woman who taught me how to draft contracts day in and day out literally wrote the book that is the gold standard of law schools across the US. I do this because I love it and I'm good at it-- not because I have to. 

one of that really matters to you-- what does is that these templates are easy, protect you and if you feel like they don't work for you, all I ask for is a conversation with me about why you're dissatisfied, and I'm happy to give you a refund! 

Your satisfaction is my HIGHEST priority. Period.