Contract Template FAQ

Q: I live in ______, and I know you're based in Georgia, is this template something I could use? Or do I need an attorney in my state/country to review it first?

A: This is such a legit question! I created my contract templates after my own frustrating experience with Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer. Long story short- I needed a contract template for a new contractor I was hiring, and I needed it fast! But, I didn't have a bank of my own to draw from yet (<<yep, there's no magical lawyer resource with all the secret contracts). I ended up spending a good chunk of money for a fast solution- but it wasn't a solution at all! The templates I downloaded were way off point, didn't make any sense for my situation, and were so vague! I ended up wasting my money on them, and still ended up drafting my own contract (albeit I was  super late on delivery that day!!) I thought, "there has to be a better solution than this!" So I made my own contract templates. Because they're templates, they're broad enough to be valid in the United States and even in foreign countries because, well, at the end of the day, it's not just a contract template-- it's an agreement between you and your client.

Even if you decide to get the template reviewed by an attorney in your state, it's still a smart solution because your attorney (who probably doesn't have any experience in the creative industry) won't have to spend hours researching what you do for your line of work, or drafting yor contract from scratch. He or she will only need to make some minor tweaks, if any!

Q: Why should I trust your contract templates?

A: My contract templates are used by the Rising Tide Society and Tuesday Together leaders across the country. I'm also the legal consultant at HoneyBook, and the legal educator at The School of Styling. I'm not just an attorney- I'm an intellectual property (IP) attorney. This is significant because IP is regarded as one of the most challenging areas of law to practice. My experience practicing IP law has led me to draft and review serious licensing agreements, which regularly involve the transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets at a time. Long story short- you really have to know how to draft contracts if you're going to be an IP attorney!! Client contracts are a breeze to create after working on all these licensing deals, and I'm happy to offer my templates as a resource to creatives who want to have better client processes, relationships and experiences.

Q: What if I have a problem later on?

A: If you're not satisfied with your template, that would really stink! Email me and I'll take care of it for you- I want everyone to be satisfied with their experience!! It means a lot to me that you'd trust me with this aspect of your business, and I want to make sure you're well-cared for!

Q: You say you're a creative, but c'mon Christina, you're an attorney, how can you really know about my business?

A: It might surprise you to know that I'm not just an attorney, but a professionally trained floral designer. And, while you'll soon start seeing my amazing graphic designer's work, I've been doing everything on my own up until this point! I even have an etsy shop with my own work (hey- I never said I was good at this! Just that I did it). I got involved with the Rising Tide Society last year when I still had a (failing) wellness blog, and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my career- lawyer, graphic design, calligraphy (yup, I do that too!) or florals. I bet a few of you can relate to this indecision! Ultimately, I found something that I love more than anything, and it's so fun to jump into styled shoots, promote your work and share it with others while helping you build a beautiful business from the inside out!