What's the difference between a copyright and a trademark?

A copyright is attached to longer works of writing, artwork, photographs and many other mediums. A trademark identifies the maker or manufacturer of a particular product or service.

Things that are Copyrighted:

  • songs
  • books
  • photographs
  • blog posts
  • paintings
  • online courses

Things that can be registered as Trademarks:

  • logos
  • names
  • catch phrases
  • hashtags
  • colors
  • sounds
  • taglines
  • e-course names/titles
  • packaging design (as trade dress)

To learn even more, I've written an in-depth article on the subject which can be accessed by clicking here.

Help! I need to get paid and the client is MIA.

I don't deal with this kind of work anymore, but that doesn't mean you're out of luck. Check out this article, and if you still need help, contact an attorney in your state to help you with the matter if you think you need to (usually if the matter involves enough money to make it worth your while, probably about $3k+). If an attorney is too expensive, you may think about buying my Payment Demand Letter Template to fill in and send to the client.

How do I get a contract?

You have a few options. For just $255 bucks, which is a good bit less than my hourly rate, you can grab a peer-reviewed, ready-to-go contract template specific for your industry. If you feel like you need something different, my semi-custom contract review + editing starts at $1399 per contract and my completely custom contracts start at $3499 each.

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