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I turn your services into products.

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small business owners + attorneys

We know what it’s like, not because we’ve been there, but because we are there.

In 2015, I founded what is now The Contract Shop®, a downloadable contract shop that serves creatives, freelancers and small business owners. It’s gone on to be recognized for its excellence by Shopify, Entrepreneur, Ramit Sethi’s Blog and countless others. While The Contract Shop® provides affordable, immediate legal information, I know that some of you are further along in their business journey, and need custom-tailored legal help for your unique matters. While TCS pulls me away for the majority of my time, I’ve gone ahead and done the hard part for you and assembled a legal dream team to take care of you when duty calls. The ultimate goal of any business owner is to hire people more competent than herself and just pop her head in every now and then to make sure things are running as planned. If you want

to run a service-based business like this one, or an e-commerce based business like The Contract Shop®, you won’t find attorneys better suited to “getting” what you do.

My firm is trusted by clients like educator + influencer Jenna Kutcher, award-winning author Lara Casey (Cultivate What Matters®) and author + hand lettering artist Nicole Miyuki Santo.

My firm is not the right fit for everyone— we’re here for the go-getters and risk takers, not the fence sitters and shoulda-woulda-coulda crowd. If you’re ready to work with us, click here to learn how.

- Christina



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