share your expertise

without giving your competition a leg up on you? 

Want to...

serve people

& grow your business in your sleep…

With digital download products.

There IS a way to serve more people, flex your skills, and stop crying every time you look at your calendar or to-do list.

Are you burning out on client work but don’t know how to change it?

Do you wish there were more of you, so you could help more people?

Calling all service-based business owners:




I have good news: 

Have you considered creating a course or some sort of training, but you’re worried you’d waste time learning how to build and market it… only to have your competition buy it?

Yup. You guessed it. Digital download products.

You know what I mean — the type of business that lets you go for a long walk with your pup, pick up your kids anytime you want, take your mom to brunch on a Tuesday morning, or hang out with your friend on her birthday — even if it’s a Thursday afternoon.

Do you know how to build a business with that kind of flexibility? 

I used to think that running a profitable lifestyle business wasn’t for me. The kind of business that both made money and gave me the flexibility to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. 


I figured that was only possible for certain people in specific industries. 

"But I’m a                 .


fill-in-the-blank service provider

That’s why I’ve built the perfect resource to help you shortcut that process — and avoid many of the pitfalls that digital product makers experience.

I could not find a single good resource showing me how to do all the things I’ve had to figure out. It took years of trial and error to figure it all out, and I don’t want that for YOU.

When I decided to sell my first digital product... 


Plus, you might hear “digital products” and think courses and training programs — and you’ve heard a lot of people haven’t had much success with that… or their competitors were their best buyers.

Figuring out how to sell digital downloads isn’t exactly straightforward. The tech stuff, the marketing and promotion, the transition from being a service provider to a product seller — it can be overwhelming.

I hear you.

It turned out alright for me in the end… I’ve sold over 5,500 products and made over $1 million in revenue in about four years, but I know there’s plenty of room for service-based biz owners like YOU to do the same.

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There’s never been a better time (or clearer path) to creating passive income with digital products.


that's why i created


Products on Tap has been an absolute GAMECHANGER to me and my business. It has taught me how to package up my service-based business into a valuable product that is designed to convert. My favorite part is Christina's tips on how to create compelling content that converts and closes! This has been SO valuable to my sales process. The best part is that the course is easy to digest, no fluff, just chock-full of killer content. Christina you are an inspiration, thank you for your help and guidance!! To anyone looking to shift their service into a product, you HAVE to take Products on Tap!!

- Ali Hicks-Wright

Products on Tap® is your roadmap to creating a business that finally supports your life — and works like an ATM .🤑

It offers the templates, cheatsheets, and tutorials you need to create a digital product and online shop with ease… AND helps you shift your mindset from “services” to “products” so that you can confidently start making the changes you need!

Products on Tap® is my proven framework + program designed to help you choose your digital product and create an online shop that works in 30 days or less.

So… what is Products on Tap ?


14 day any reason refund 

​“Done for you” templates + “Fill in the blank” email sequences

Printable worksheets, checklists, and planners

6 Core Modules

No big deal, just $9,000+ in resources, including...

What’s included in Products on Tap ?


- Anna MacDonald

diversify your income and make more money with less effort

make a bigger impact than ever before

stand out in your industry and share your true expertise

find a better way to make passive income than creating a course that just adds to the noise

set up a shop that sells without you

turn your services into digital products that don’t require more work

stop working 24/7 with 1:1 clients (and only work with clients you LOVE)

Products on Tap® is right for you if you’re ready to...

Is the Products on Tap® program right for you and your business?

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So far, writers, photographers, web designers, graphic designers, and even VAs have used Products on Tap® to cut down on their stress and make more cash.

Products on Tap® is also perfect for virtually any service-based business owner who wants to transfer some of their expertise into an easy-to-share-and-monetize product.








You can make money 24/7, with a 4- or even 5-figure sales machine that runs itself.

You can serve more people than humanly possible, compared to working 1:1 with clients. 

​You’ll do it before your competitors do + stand out in your industry. Currently, 74% of small businesses don’t have an online shop. (source: SurePayroll)

You get to create it once and you’re done: work when you want to, when you want to.

​You can give people what they want with affordable alternatives to your 1:1 services + immediate solutions to their problems when they REALLY need it.

You’ll make a stronger impact and exponentially grow your reach and audience.

You can sell digital downloads to the right people, building relationships with potential future clients — and avoiding the “course curse”... creating your own competition 😱

That's cool. Here are 7 reasons that might change your mind. 

Still not sure you want to create digital downloads? 

Just sold my first digital product!!! The best part is that she signed up for my email list and found out about my products via the automatic emails I'd spent forever creating! She emailed me to get more info, and I was able to offer her my $99 kit which was perfect because her team is a nonprofit adult day community church who can't afford my normal consultation.

- Rachael Wonderlin

I’ve sold over 5,500 digital download products since 2016 — reaching 7 figures in less than 4 years. The best part? I know it’s totally possible for you, too.

I was hooked!

Digital download products changed my business. With my first digital product, it took me all of two minutes to make a couple hundred bucks.

Within a few months, strangers started finding my shop in online searches. My digital download products started bringing in multiple six-figures in revenue. Plus, I suddenly had to increase my service prices to keep up with all the new demand.


When I started selling digital download products...

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You could launch your first profitable digital download product and shop in the next 30 days or less — with a clear product idea, frameworks to help you create it, and all the scripts and templates you need to sell the crap out of it.

I created Products on Tap® to show you how! 

No fancy funnels, no expensive ads.

Just a digital product + shop that work.


Heeeeere’s your sign!

By now, you know that digital download products are the solution — but that doesn’t mean you’re not feeling intimidated, overwhelmed, and bogged down by all the tech and setup.

You’re worried nobody will buy your digital products, even though you know your services and processes are part of the reason clients keep coming back for more.

You know you need to launch your shop before your competitors do, too, but you worry it will be too expensive, time-consuming, or complicated.

Most of all, you worry you’re just not ready. “Maybe, when I have more time.”

You can’t serve them all, but don’t know which product to make — or how to make it, let alone market it.

But it’s time to stop waiting.

With Products on Tap®, you’ll get everything you need to…

Get clear on the tech and shop setup 🧑‍💻 

No more waiting for the “perfect time!”!

Make those important mindset shifts 🧠

Create perfect marketing systems that help you confidently launch your first digital download product 🚀

I'm ready now

I launched my digital product and made 5 sales in the first month...I'm now working on increasing awareness and visibility to keep receiving those payment notifications without having to exert all the extra effort to fulfill an order.

- Nana Moore

This program has all the done-for-you resources, templates, scripts and cheat sheets you need to create and profit from your digital download products quickly and easily!

No more wishing & waiting.

Choose and create your digital product

Find a marketing plan that’s easy to execute


3 easy steps to digital downloads & cash in your pocket — in less than 30 days:

Inside this program, I show you exactly how to create, market, and profit from your first digital download product. I also give you all the “done for you” resources you need to do it quickly! 


Here’s what’s included when you decide digital downloads (and Products on Tap®) are right for you... 

Switch your “Service Mindset” to a “Product Mindset”
​Learn the types of digital download products
​Understand hosting products on a pre-made marketplace vs. your own store
​Research your market + competitors
​Learn how to name your products

The Basics of D-Commerce™

module 1

​Learn what makes a GREAT product
​Choose who to sell to
​Plan your product development
Learn the Four C’s: how to convert, compel, curate, and close buyers

creating your core product

module 2

Learn how to use premade storefronts
​Create your shop on Squarespace or Shopify
Plug-and-play my killer abandon cart sequence

Building your shop

module 3

Create the most enticing core product ever
​Learn the fastest way to make more per sale
Create badass bonuses to entice any buyer
​Put it all together to create your value ladder
​Plan your promotional cadence for discounts, sales and specials


module 4

​Bust through shop traffic myths
Create a groan-proof Facebook group
Using live videos, blogging, and affiliate marketing
Learn when to start paying for traffic
​Plan your promo periods


module 5

​Onboard new customers the right way
Retain customers for the lifetime of your biz
Learn the right way to refund
Create a sustainable support system


module 6

Thanks Christina for your amazing support and wisdom on our call today. As I said to you, I have paid and joined many programs. Too many. Too much wasted month on false promises. You have given me more in our short time together than all of them put together. You rock! Thank you!

-Barbara Murphy - Shannon

1 PAYMENT Of $997


​Printable worksheets, checklists, and planners

​“Done for you” templates + “Fill in the blank” email sequences

6 Core Modules

14 day any reason refund

Get Access to Resources Valued at More Than $9,000+...



This professionally written post-purchase sequence includes 4 emails with the content and subject lines already included. All you have to do is just fill in the blanks with your words and product details.


Print out handy checklists, calendars, reference documents, and cheat sheets to keep you on track and help you plan. Includes:
• Abandon Cart Sequence Cheatsheet
• Core Product Component Checklist
• Value Ladder Cheatsheet
• Plan Your Sale Cadence Worksheet


The Products on Tap® program includes done-for-you cheat sheets, scripts, templates, and ready-to-use funnels. Everything is 80% done for you already, so you can literally push a button and start using them to create your own product instantly.

"I'm just so grateful that you created this course - it's exactly what I needed as a service based business that needed to get out of the service hustle"

- Ali Hicks-Wright

And let’s be real… how long have you been waiting already?

It only takes a few weeks to create, launch and sell a profitable digital download product… if you have the right roadmap.

With all the done-for-you templates included in this program, it doesn’t take long to get started.

Your profitable digital product idea

A product sales roadmap

An online storefront for your new digital products

A marketing plan to totally sell out your offer

Your first profitable digital download product — LAUNCHED without creating a single piece of new content


Let’s get you some Products on tap®.

Let’s turn your service-based business into a digital product shop ATM.

Let’s make more money with less work. 

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1 payment of $497

6 Core Modules
​Printable worksheets, checklists, and planners
​“Done for you” templates + “Fill in the blank” email sequences

and build your online shop in 30 days or less!


I’ve been running online businesses for years — but I’ve never come across such a scalable, profitable, fun way to make money until I started selling digital download products.

My 6-figure digital download shop has been featured by Shopify, Ramit Sethi and my friend Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger podcast, among others.

I’m on a mission to help more service-based business owners who want to turn their services into Products on Tap® so they can run a profitable, lifestyle business. I’ve been where you are, and I have created the roadmap to help you get where I am now!

Hi, I'm Christina Scalera!




Launch your first digital download product, do a happy dance, and continue to grow your business, your impact, and your bank account with the easiest (and most profitable!) strategy you’ll ever implement in your business!

You will have instant access to all of the trainings, cheatsheets, and templates, so you can get started right away. Hit play and start working on your first digital download product within minutes.

Checkout securely with PayPal or credit card. Within a few minutes, you'll receive an email with your unique login and password to access the Products on Tap ® course.

Wondering what happens when you choose to invest in this program?

- Shannon Kreuger 

"This is definitely a tool that I needed"

This program was created for service providers who want to grow beyond the daily hustle of managing clients. If you're looking to diversify your revenue streams, grow your income and stop trading dollars for hours, Products on Tap will help. This program is NOT for anyone who owns a brick & mortar product store, who sells physical products or works in multi-level marketing. 

The beauty of Products on Tap is that it is a completely self-paced program. Whether you want to dive right in and go through the course in a few days, or take it one module at a time, Products on Tap serves you on your schedule. 

To keep the price accessible to as many business owners as possible the self-study version of Products on Tap does not include direct access to Christina. However, if you want ongoing coaching and accountability, we strongly recommend you checkout VIP Coaching with Christina Scalera.

If you've gotten this far, I'd like to think I can help you out. BUT if you decide Products on Tap isn't going to help you launch your d-commerce business and ditch the hamster wheel of client work, no biggy. We got a 14-Day Any Reason Refund guarantee for that reason. Just scroll down for more details. 

The most asked questions about Products on Tap®!



You have a full 14 days to try out the course and decide whether it’s a keeper or not. We know during these uncertain times your investment in education is very important, and we only want you to keep our course if it makes sense for you and helps YOU achieve your goal of creating a product from your services!!

Money Back Guarantee!