The secret isn’t just to create and sell digital products. It’s knowing HOW to sell them… and I’m ready to show you what works inside my NEW program.

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Simple Sustained Shop Sales



Create a few products and sell them over and over — times infinity. (Fact: 80% of The Contract Shop sales come from only 2 products. There goes the myth that you need 100 products to be successful!)
Set your own schedule. You decide when you want to work — and if you want to work. 
Sell your product before it’s even created, so you never give elbow grease to anything that isn’t worth it. 
Increase your followers and grow your audience in case you ever do want to expand your offerings or keep getting 1-1 clients. 
Become the most tagged person in the room. Between your fans, affiliates, and JV partners, people will be fighting to be the first one to tag you on those “I need a…” Facebook posts. 
And of course, scale your income without scaling your workload. 

Now it's your turn

Inside this program, I will be sharing the frameworks and strategies that have actually worked for my 7-figure product shop, so you can...

By using a very specific set of sales strategies, I’ve turned The Contract Shop® into a thriving business that brings in more than half a million dollars a year. (Oh, and between December and July? I didn’t work at all. Try doing THAT as a coach or service provider!)

Simple Sustained Shop Sales is everything you need to go from “I have no idea how to get started with passive income!” to well-paid, well-rested business owner with a successful digital product store of her very own.

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