Commercial or Stock Photography Contract Template

Commercial or Stock Photography Contract Template


The perfect way to effortlessly and painlessly make sure your investment in each commercial shoot you participate in is protected against things clients who re-sell your work or exceed the scope of their license to use the work (license specified in contract template). 


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Available for immediate download, you can get a contract written by a creative attorney and graduate of a top 20 law school.

Designed for you to download, plop in some info and print or copy/paste to HoneyBook or any platform of your choice- or just print and sign- this is the easiest way to get your commercial shoots in order, and cover your bootay in the meantime. This template includes:

  • a breakdown of responsibilities and costs your client owes you
  • clearly laid out in plain English
  • a commercial license that describes what your client can and cannot do with the photos they buy for use in their business
  • an understanding of liability between the parties
  • a cancellation policy in case one party changes its mind
  • a timeline for obligations
  • a model release