Website Review

Website Review


You have a website, but is it any good? Will it convert any visitors into clients or customers? What can you do if you don't even have any visitors?!

During a website review, I'll use my years of experience as a successful online business owner to tell you what's working and what's not. PLUS, obviously, we'll cover the legal aspects to make sure the FTC isn't breathing down your neck and that you've covered all your bases.

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I'll be looking at:

• What pages you have on your website, and if they're optimized for your audience

• The loved/hated About page, where I'll work with you on your copy to get you to my secret sauce formula for a winning About page that converts visitors into fans

• A blog breakdown, where I'll look at how you are missing out on capturing leads and how you can win the blog lottery by keeping visitors on your site who want to send more leads your way

• We'll optimize your contact page and scheduling to make things EASY for visitors to become your clients

• You'll be set up with email templates to respond to the new inquiries that are coming your way

• We'll look at your website domain(s) and social media handles to figure out how to optimize engagement

• If your vanity email address isn't set up yet, we'll work on that too, so you can send professional emails to clients from "" instead of ""