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Why You Need an Email List to Grow Your Digital Product Shop



  1. […] (Psst: I talk more about email nurture sequences here.) […]

  2. […] have an opportunity to start nurturing your relationship with your customer with this email, which is called a transactional email, BTW. Transactional […]

  3. […] emailing ahead of time is beneficial to that cold audience too. It gives you a higher chance of getting noticed when […]

  4. […] ways to get comfy-cozy with my leads before Black Friday. If you haven’t started a plan to utilize your email list, though, there’s still something you can use that’s pretty effective — the 9-word email. It […]

  5. […] you’re not going to be able to reach your entire audience with one post. Even on better-reaching methods like email marketing, you still need to be […]

  6. […] in all this was knowing I would have to establish authority with the brand I pulled out of the email subscription, which ended up being the Christina Scalera brand. I still have to keep all the content inside and […]

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